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Achlys is the goddess of misery, poisons, and eternal night. She lives inTartarus and is the daughter of Nyx, the goddess of night. Nyx really loves Achlys because she makes her proud, whereas Hemera is the exact opposite of her, thus making Achlys and Nyx hate Hemera. She keeps Heracles' shield with her to remind people about the pain and sadness it caused her. Her hobbies are clawing at her cheeks to make them bleed, she takes pleasure in crying no matter how much it hurts. She can create poisonous flowers by just summoning them to her will. 


Like her mother's dark, deep, and mysterious, she wants to make anyone suffer by poisoning them with her potions, and clawing her cheeks to make everyone feel sorry for her, though everyone's reaction is normally vomiting in disgust. She loves the dark insects such as the spiders, cockroaches, and the foggy midnight moons. She also likes torturing herself.  

Greek name

Achlys' official Greek name is Αχλυς.



Achlys is a very scary person in general, she is disgusting, repulsive and revolting. Nothing and no one can be more disturbing than her.

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