Welcome to Greek Goddesses Wiki! If you need any help, the people to contact are:

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Iris (Mojojojo13579)

Iris is the founder of Greek-Goddesses Wiki, and will make a Greek God Wiki once this Wiki is finished. Contact her if you have any suggestions, or problems. Her favorite goddess coincidentally has the exact same name she has! People can also call her Val, because of her addiction to Valkyries from Norse Myth. 


Bimbola's the admin that helps add detail to a page. She's also the one who ever started the polls on this Wiki! Ask her for changing the background and ask her about the backgrounds, Wiki themes, etc. 


Bella makes the CSS and wordmarks on this Wiki. She's also good at coding, so go to her for help for this Wiki's coding, or designing CSS for this Wiki. You can also suggest ideas to her about the Wiki's design, but this will conclude to a poll on the main page of this Wiki so that people can vote on the new design of the Wiki. She is not going to be very active, but suggesting CSS would be a good idea as well. 


SwiftTaylie is our main (or head) Chat Mod. There could be more in the future, but report to her if you find something fishy in the chat! 

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