Andromeda is a princess and the goddess of dreams. She is younger than most of the goddesses, and became friends with Medusa. Dionysus appears to be older than her, and she befriends him as well.

adro is short for her name her parent lied to her

She is the daughter of King Cepheus and Cassiopeia. Queen Cassiopeia claims that Andromeda is better than the Naiads. Though an oracle of Ammon said that Poseidon was mad at her mother and told that he was going to flood the land with Cetus the sea serpent; if her mother sacrificed herself to the serpent the island would be unharmed. Her mother, being a coward, chained Andromeda to the rock instead but she was saved by Perseus, her future husband. 



Her parents were king Cepheus and the vain Cassopiea, and Cassopeia was the fault of making Andromeda be a sacrifice, for Cassopeia had bragged about Andromeda being prettier than the Nereids, who were helpers of Poseidon. In return, Poseidon sent Cetus or the Kraken, to the kingdom. Cepheus received a prophecy that said Cetus would go away if he sacrificed Andromeda.


Unlike her mother, Andromeda is quite dependent on Perseus, yet she is not vain at all.


Perseus - Later becoming her husband, Perseus was a heroic god who saved Andromeda from becoming a sacrifice for Cetus.

Greek nameEdit

Andromeda's official Greek name is Ἀνδρομέδα. 

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