Quotation1 Don't you just smell the flowers? The dirt? This is the thing that keeps me going! I love it! Quotation2
Antheia to Iris on her addiction to nature
Greek Gods and Goddesses (3)
Vital statistics
Position Best friend and sidekick of Iris, good
Age Any age
Status Immortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Height Any height
Weight Any weight
Allies Aphrodite
Personality Ignorant (initially), true-blue, loyal, modest, passionate, sociable, truthful, easily-impressed, relating, romantic.
Goddess of Flowery wreaths, nature, vegetation, peace, mortal love.
Status Immortal (alive)
Popularity Semi popular

Antheia and Iris are best friends, Iris more major but Antheia is a minor plant goddess involved with gardens, flowery wreaths, and crops. Persephone, Demeter and Antheia share the same elemental powers of plants.  

PersonalityAntheia is very quiet to others except for nature-dealing and Iris. She has a shy approach when it comes to anyone else, she is often misunderstood as a helpless and gentle being who doesn't know how to defend herself, but Iris knows better, she is actually a defensive and active friend who is extremely loyal and loving to help anyone in need. She always keeps her promises, and she is always very smiley. Antheia is a loyal, kindhearted goddess with a softer side as well.
Although, Antheia gets bullied by the gods because they would think she's a weak person. She takes large insult on that.
Antheia is a very supportive person towards others, especially towards her friends. Still, she and Iris are very alike. Although, Antheia's personality is always admired by others, especially Iris, who believes that Antheia is a true-blue, honest to goodness frieAntheia is described to have her hair down most of the time, and has brown hair. All of the time, she wears flower crowns, ferns and small plants she makes herself.


Antheia's is beautiful

Roman NameEdit

Her Roman name is Anthea. People in Crete worship her. he rroman name is { minerva}


AAntheia can be very ignorant, arrogant and silly. She loves being around her flowers she forgets that her friends aren't flowers, and she sometimes forgets that they have feelings. As of "Iris the Colorful", Antheia is easily unaware and oblivious to the easy things people are hinting at her. She is also easily-distracted and is rather eccentriDescribed by a lot of people, Antheia's green thumb is a close second to Persephone, as Antheia can make flowers and ferns grow.

  • She can craft flowery wreaths using anything.
  • Whether Antheia is happy, a circle of ferns will grow around her.
  • Like Aphrodite, she has trouble sorting out her personal love life, however she is the goddess of mortal love as well. However, she also is good with matching up couples.


  • Antheia loves to go to forests and smell flowers with her fellow Dryads and Nymphs.
  • Antheia is secretly the goddess of mortal human love, if all her plants are dead or she has no more plants to view in the forest, she heads over to Earth to find the right mortal couple to help sort out their love problems.
  • Her main Diet consists on Flowers and desist animals she finds in to forests
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