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Quotation1 Beauty is both on the outside on the inside. Well... Mostly on the outside! Quotation2
Aphrodite delighted with her beauty.
Aphrodite Callipygos
Vital statistics
Position Most beautiful goddess, Good
Age Any age
Status Immortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Height Any height
Weight Any weight
Allies Athena
Personality a bit Self-centered, lovely, beautiful, a perfectionist, sometimes flirtatious stunning.
Goddess of Love and Beauty
Status Immortal (alive)
Popularity Popular

Aphrodite Callipygos is the goddess of love and beauty. Though the way she was born was peculiar. When Cronus overthrew his dad Uranus, he cut off his genitals and they were thrown into the sea and the former Titan's blood and presence and sea foam began to form, and she arose from the sea and got carried by a seashell to Mount Olympus. Technically, she is the oldest Olympian.  

Aphrodite also has many semi-related children, and most of them are roughly related to something about love. Though Tyche is the goddess of luck, using her special powers to promote love by telling other people's fortunes. She and Hera have been brief rivals, when they had a beauty contest. Athena was also involved, but Athena didn't really care. She and Athena stayed as friends anyways. Aphrodite is the mother of half-sisters and half-brothers.  


Aphrodite's friends are limited, since other gods often see her as a vain self-absorbed goddess that is obsessed with fame.

  Quotation1 Afraid of getting your hands dirty? Quotation2
Artemis suspecting and taunting Aphrodite's vanity

Artemis and Aphrodite are practically enemies, since they always fight over dirty and clean things. Although, they tend to get along most of the time.

  Quotation1 Hide! Quotation2
Athena telling her friends to hide as Ares and Aphrodite have their own meeting together.

Athena and Aphrodite might have some minor disagreements, but friends are friends. Even if they do reach minor disagreements, Athena is willing enough to help Aphrodite.

  Quotation1 Oh, Aphrodite. Quotation2
Iris admiring Aphrodite's loyalty to her.

Iris is Aphrodite's savior, and Aphrodite is forever loyal to her.

  Quotation1 Well, well. Don't you love your roses? Quotation2
Persephone about Aphrodite's devotion towards roses.

Persephone is Aphrodite's encourager and supporter.


Aphrodite loves her looks, thus can be vain and self-absorbed. She also likes doing good deeds for others and proving her special duties and loyalty, such as Paris, she's also the type of person who would get easily annoyed, especially for males' attention. Clearly, she takes his for granted. Even so, Aphrodite appears to be a loyal friend at heart and is emotionally sweet on the inside, as she is misunderstood and envied as a shallow and picky brat. She can be quite shallow and self-centered, not caring about others, however that trait is easily misunderstood.

Roman nameEdit

Aphrodite's Roman equivalent is Venus and she eats turtles.  

Greek nameEdit

Aphrodite's official Greek name is Αφροδιτη.

Egyptian nameEdit

Aphrodite's Egyptian equivalent is Isis, but Isis is actually a real goddess that is worshipped by the Greeks too. Her and Aphrodite have been competing to see who was the better love goddess.  



Husband-Since Aphrodite was loved by so many gods on Mount Olympus, Zeus was worried that a war would break out for to see who Aphrodite will marry. To prevent this, Aphrodite was to marry Hephaestus. Aphrodite was never in love with him and was secretly having an affair with Ares.

Another story is that Zeus fell in love with Aphrodite and wanted her to marry him, but she refused. Zeus got mad and married her to his ugly son Hephaestus for punishment.


Romantic Interest/Lover- Since Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, a man she did not love, Aphrodite and Ares were having secret affairs with each other, though they sometimes can go on-and-off, since Ares is a big flirt.  

Children- Eros (Cupid) and Himeros are two of the many children of Aphrodite. They are mostly associated with love and desire. She also has a daughter called Harmonia.

Story-Aphrodite supports the Trojans for one reason, and she was also the reason why the Trojans and Olympians were in a feud. There was a contest between the three Goddesses- Aphrodite, Athena and Hera to see who was the prettiest. A mortal named Paris chose Aphrodite because she promised him the most beautiful woman in the world.The feud ended as the Olympians won due to Athena's Trojan horse.


Aphrodite's surname is Callipygos, also known as Beautiful Buttocks, since she was the goddess of beauty and almost everything was beautiful about her. 


Aphrodite's gallery can be viewed here



The known symbols to represent Aphrodite is the girdle, the dove, the myrtle trees and the swan/goose. Though she wields a swan cart, she is nicknamed the Lady of the Doves. 


She can be a bit self-absorbed and vain. She also is very snobbish to her appearance and wants to look good too often.


  • Aphrodite is able to make anyone fall in love. She can also grant the wishes of mortals who find love, which relates her goddess love powers with Antheia.
  • Aphrodite has a miniature swan cart which she uses for travelling. It enlarges itself when only she chants special words.


  • Aphrodite is the oldest Olympian.
  • Many people claimed back in ancient Greece that they were the daughter of Aphrodite.
  • It is possible that specific Titans are related to Aphrodite as she formed when Uranus' remains dropped into the sea, therefore, they share the same blood.


  • "You don't need a love expert's help to fall in love."

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Table of persona
Talent 90
Beauty concern 100
Personality 56
Strengths 92