Arachne was the expert of weaving, later goddess and immortal. She was turned into a spider by Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She got turned into one that could only spin colorless thread for eternity, especially her spiderwebs, and each dewdrop on there is the tears that she sheds. She literally said out loud in front of Athena's nymph servants that she could spin better thread than even she can, despite that Athena is the goddess of weaving as well as many other attributes. They both had a weaving contest and Arachne's tapestry was more liked than Athena's, so Athena got infuriated and turned Arachne into a giant spider. 

Personality Edit

Arachne's main trait is that she is extremely boastful. Arachne is far from modest, especially if she talks about her tapestries. Arachne does enjoy weaving, and weaving is far by her favorite thing to do. 

Goddess GirlsEdit

Arachne's character and personality resembled her original myth one. She is boastful and played a minor role in both the myth and the series. 


Boastful and prideful, Arachne considers herself the best at weaving. She enjoys weaving but got punished by insulting Athena.


Arachne does not have any friends, however she and Athena are rivals. She only shares an enemy relationship with Athena and Athena only in the series.

Athena - Athena and Arachne have been major rivals. Eventually, Arachne and Athena have a weaving contest. Arachne did not win the contest, for she was the one mocking Athena because of Metis and Zeus together. 


Some Olympians have business to do in the Marketplace, so Arachne has a shop of weaving and she sells colorless tapestries. 

Greek nameEdit

Arachne's official Greek name is Αραχνη.