• ChloeTheRainbowStar

    My name is Chloe

    My meaning of my name means "Green shoots, young foliage, fertility, or blooming"it was named after the epithet of Demeter.I am the one who picking trashed like outsides, beaches, mountains,and etc,however I dislike people who throwing trash in the sea or what,today,I am stuck here in my house cause of COVID-19,plus be safe because COVID-19 can be result death.By washing your hands, keep away from sick people, aboud touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands, eat cook food aswell, wear your mask when going outside, and if you are sick,go to the nearest hospital immediately.Okay that's all!I hope you are doing great aswell!Also I am a Filipino!🇵🇭

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  • Mistywater

    which greek symbol is your favorite plz tell me in the comments

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  • Mistywater

    Which greek goddess are you tell me in the comments.

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  • Hera4ever

    First Blog Post

    February 6, 2014 by Hera4ever

    Hello! This is my first ever blog post, and I'd like to contribute more to this wiki in the future. I won't be online everyday, but I eventually will be online later on this week. 

    Anyways I've decided to find pictures of the upcoming themes such as Persephone.

    This looks like a nice picture to use for the main page slider next month! -->

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  • BlouseGirl

    Any other ideas?

    February 6, 2014 by BlouseGirl

    Hey guys, do you have any other ideas for this Wiki?

    (I'd like to customize it more, but I don't know how. If anyone knows how, please tell me.)

    Also, we have to find the Media WIki Template for more customization, like coding, user name fonts and colors, etc. 

    If you find it please tell me! I really need it! 

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  • SwiftTaylie


    January 15, 2014 by SwiftTaylie

    Hi guys! Sorry if I didn't do much on the Wiki lately. I just want to say I'm sorry. Totally busy with stressful things in my life.

    Anyways, I've found out a good site for goddesses. Go to and search Greek Goddesses. I don't know if you guys already get your information there, just a heads up for an easier way to get info. Plus, the creator even made the Greeks in Alphabetical Order as well! 

    Have a good new year and best wishes, 

    From Artemis' Best Friend. (A's BGFF)

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  • BlouseGirl

    Dedication to Bimbola

    December 22, 2013 by BlouseGirl

    Hi, Bimbola! 

    Welcome to my Wikia. Thank you very much for changing this background and editing some pages. Let's split up the jobs:

    I can do a few jobs, I can find the pictures for articles (but not the Percy Jackson/ modern pictures), and I will research about the goddesses more deeply. Please feel free to make a Greek Gods Wiki! :) 

    Maybe you could spice up the pages and add more detail, (sometimes I am not very detailed and might miss out a few steps.) Once again, thank you a lot, Bim. 


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