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Cassandra is a mortal princess, and she is friends with many immortals. She once held a grudge against Aphrodite, Athena and Apollo. Also known as the three A's. Aphrodite caused the war because of the Trojan's early ruler, Paris, who rewarded her a golden apple. She wanted to repay him with something, so she helped him find his true love, causing a war to start. The Trojans lost the war because of Athena's Trojan horse, and the Olympians took them by surprise. 

Apollo was by far the worst. He cast a spell and made everyone think that her fortunes were lies. Later on, snakes licked her ears to make her "smell" the future, in different scents. She isn't exactly a goddess, but she is too good at fortune telling. Tyche is the original goddess but is a Titan


She has a twin brother called Helenus, nd is the daughter of Queen Hecuba and King Priam of Troy. Helenus is trying to run the family business of fortune telling, but is not as good as he thinks. She also has an older sister called Laodice. Laodice is also quite cranky, and she and Cassandra always have rows. 


Cassandra feels alone and distrusted sometimes, but she pulls it together and carries on with her work, no matter what her parents say. But she is mystical and fun too, she is compassionate of her friends and can do a deed for them.Cassandra also fears the immortals in a way, so she would try her best not to show them how angry she is. In the end, she and the immortals always become friends because of her kind nature. 


Apollo is secretly in love with Cassandra, so her granted her the gift of prophecy ever since they were little. 

Greek nameEdit

Cassandra's official Greek name is Κασσάνδρα.


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