Please follow the editing rules, and more details about editing are soon to come to this Wikia. 


  • Do not edit other user's pages.
  • If you do not know the facts about goddesses, do not add any false information on their pages. 
  • Bully another user/say nasty things or post rude comments for a reply, also not allowed. This will lead to a one-way ban. 

Other Basics:Edit

  • Do not do mass edits/add more than five pages a day, admins are only recommended to add pages, but if we are missing something, feel free!


  • Vandalism is when somebody purposely tries to add false information. If you spot one, please report to an admin immediatly, and the admins will sort the problem out. 
  • Adding inappropriate images (unlike some goddesses in this case), of goddesses nude, inappropriate jug paintings, Mount Olympus slaying, this image will be taken down. 
  • Also do not post any Percy Jackson photos on this wikia. All image rights belong to Percy Jackson and Percy Jackson only. (via Nemesis and her motorcycle-Percy Jackson image.)

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