Daphne isn't a goddess, but she was Apollo's former love interest who was sexually harassed by him, she was known as a Naiad, (a female nymph that can control water), and she got so fed up with it. She begged to her father, Peneus, the river god, to help her escape from him so he turned her into a tree. Daphne possesses the powers of a dryad as well. In other versions of the mythology, Daphne and Apollo have both been struck with young Cupid's arrows. With Apollo being in love with Daphne and Daphne hating every man, their relationship did not work out.  


Daphne has been rather scared of Apollo, ever since he started chasing her and trying to find ways to not harm her, later on meant that he was in love with her shocked her a lot. She didn't want to hurt his feelings so she just got harassed instead. Later on, she couldn't take it anymore and asked her father to transform her into a tree.She was too kind. 

Goddess GirlsEdit

Merely a mention by Artemis to Cassandra about Apollo's delicate and fractured feelings of like, Artemis warned Cassandra to try her best not to break his heart, because Daphne the immortal nymph was the one who was toying with his emotions. (In the myth, Apollo couldn't take it anymore and decided to sexually harrass her.) In both versions, Daphne was never seen again. In more detailed matters in the mythology, Daphne turned herself into a tree and was never seen again. Aye! 

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