Quotation1 What shall I do without my beloved Persephone? Quotation2
Demeter Amphictyonis
Vital statistics
Position First goddess of agriculture and crops, neutral
Age Any age
Status Immortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Height Any height
Weight Any weight
Allies Allies here
Personality Personality

Demeter Amphictyonis is the mother of Persephone, the goddess of rebirth and vegetation. Demeter is the goddess of agriculture, the harvest, and blessed afterlife. She is loving and nurturing with Persephone, and is often seen with Persephone at her side.

Once she heard that Persephone was abducted, she was infuriated and sent out to go find her, various people helping her such as Hekate and Helios. When finding out Zeus had helped Hades abduct her, she was furious and she mourned for Persephone. She then vowed to never allow crops to grow upon the planet while she is gone, nearly leaving mortals starving to death. Out of desperation, Zeus demanded Hades give Persephone back, but Hades had Persephone eat a pomegranate and for each seed she ate, each month she would stay with Hades. Persephone would stay in the Underworld for two out of the four seasons with Hades. Autumn and winter, and with her to stay with Demeter for the other half, spring and summer. The three named these four seasons together, as they were first created by them. 


Loving, nurturing, generous. Demeter is very maternal and is your typical motherly figure. In many actual myths, she was very generous and gave gifts to those who favored her. Although when crossed, she can become vengeful and seek justice.

Goddess GirlsEdit

Demeter is a minor character in the Goddess Girls series. She acts as the mother of Persephone and she forbids her to do a variety of things in order for her to be safe. Demeter also forbade Persephone to not own a dorm in the Academy.


Demeter is an extremely overprotective and kind-hearted mother who gets over-stressed very easily. She also gets mad easily and will do anything to get and be with her daughter. She loves her daughter very much but she never allowed her to have freedom.


  • Demeter has utter control over nature.
  • Demeter is able to revive or kill plants with a touch, her daughter inherited this trait
  • Demeter can use plants as her defense and as walls.
  • Demeter can communicate with flowers and


  • Demeter is the first ever nature goddess on Mount Olympus. Since she's one of the oldest goddesses there as well, she's been made one of the 12 Olympians
  • She and Hades' few agreements made the four seasons. 


Her surname is Amphictyonis, which is also a goddess of wine but named after her last name. 

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Table of persona
Talent 78
Beauty concern  10
Personality 92
Strengths 100


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