Eos is the goddess of the morning, and extensionally, dawn. She brings the stars up at night, as Selene brings the moon and Nyx the night. She most likely brings the dawn up when Helios (the god of the sun) brings the sun up. She is a major goddess. Eos is also described as being rosy-fingered, meaning that when she's in a good mood, rose petals fall from her fingers, this usually happens because she's always happy. Her Roman name is Aurora. Her siblings are Selene and Helios. 

She and Ares have been having a very brief affair, but when Aphrodite found out, she was furious and decided to cast a spell on her that every mortal will fall in love with her, though only two are known to be competing against each other, as she was not as attractive as Aphrodite thought. 

Eos is a major sky god, but not a major Titan. She is one of the only female Titans who is a major sky god. 

Greek nameEdit

Eos' official Greek name is Ηως.


Perky and energetic, she loves bringing up her duties for the stars and the sun with Helios and Apollo. Although she is a Titan, she is not quite evil. Instead, she doesn't care about the war. She is normally enthusiastic of what she's doing, and with her great personality, became friends with some of the Olympians. The end  



She is friends with Helios, Selene and Nyx.  


Eos is partially responsible for the birth of Aphrodite.