Hecate is the Titan of witches, witchcraft, crossroads (choices) and magic. Not really a major goddess but most likely a minor, she desires casting curses on her enemies and practices each day on how to perfect her magic. She is one of the fellow Titans. She is said to have many different faces of her, literally.. In the first Titan war, she sided with the Gods. But then in the second Titan war, she sided with the Titan's because she didn't get enough recognition as a minor goddess.


Hecate is on good terms with Apate and Persephone, but is always misunderstood by earth villagers. But on Mount Olympus, everyone adores her and her powers. She also does not like that the Titans use her only for illusions, magic tricks and for entertainment. When Persephone was lost, Hecate accompanied Demeter in searching for her. Hecate is very independent and smart. Her myers brigs is most likely INTJ as she is very smart, and introverted, but can be sneaky and cunning. Perhaps a Slytherin.  

Greek name

Hecate's official Greek name is Ἑκατη. 


Hecate is friends with Apate, the goddess of dismay and lies. Hecate is friends with Persephone when she goes to the underworld for fall and winter, she helps her adapt to the underworld's environment and helps her see the good things in her dark kingdom, as a subject and a friend


Gaia and Tarturus sired a giant named Clytius who is the anti-Hecate. He blocks ALL magic and doesn't give choices.


Hecate usually holds two lit torches in her hands. She used them in the fight against Clytius.


Hecate's gallery can be found here.

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