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Hera Argeia
Hera Argeia
Vital statistics
Position Queen of the Gods, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Olympus, Queen of All, Queen of the Immortals, Neutral, Good, Bad
Age N/A
Status Immortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Allies Hebe
Personality Loyal, vengeful, regal, motherly (sometimes), clever, witty, cunning, smart, jealous, caring (sometimes), and compassionate, ruthless, deceitful, vindictive, demanding, impatient, self-centered, sweet.
Hera, Queen of the Gods
Goddess of Marriage, Women, Family, Childbirth, Sky, Heaven, Queenship, Kingdom, Empires and Heirs.
Status: Immortal (alive)
Popularity: Popular

Hera is the goddess of women, marriage, childbirth, family and Queen of the Gods. She is the youngest daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She is also Zeus' 7th and final wife. The cows, peacocks and cuckoos are considered sacred animal to Hera. Hera ruled Olympus (Heaven) and Earth alongside her husband/brother, Zeus.

Through her union with Zeus, Hera has 5 children with him. Ares, Hebe, Eileithyia,Hephaestus and lastly Angelos.


Hera is assertive, vain, wrathful and short-tempered. Despite all that, she does realize the errors of her ways by slaying someone, punishing them, can be wrong.

When Zeus cheats on her, she become extremely jealous, vengeful, cruel, vindictive, merciless and ruthless. She would use all the abilities she had to stop Zeus' lovers from giving birth to his children. For example, when Alcmene was about to give birth to Heracles, she sent her daughter the goddess of childbirth, Eileithyia to prevent her from giving birth to Heracles and later she sent the Graea Witches to harden Alcmene's labour. However she fails to prevent his birth. She continues to torture Heracles throughout his life. Other than that, Hera once decreed that no lands, islands, regions, mainlands nor any stable lands to give Leto a place to give birth to Apollo and Artemis.

Many other of her stepchildren also suffers her jealousy, wrath and vengeance. For example, Hera sent Python to harass Leto and her children after she disobeyed her. She often strike Dionysus and Heracles with madness in order to torture them mentally or make them do something barbaric so that she can make their life sinful or frame them. Hera likes to sets up traps for her stepchildren.

She also killed many of her stepchildren, such as Zagreus. She lured Zagreus with toys and took him to the Titans lair. When the Titans saw him they took him and ate him.

She appears to be extremely wrathful and vindictive. She has no limit toward her wrath and vindictiveness. The Trojan War would have ended in peace but Hera sent Athena to re-start the war. She did this because she wants to see the city of Troy burn to the grounds and all the Trojans die or enslaved. Hera did all this, because she didn't win a beauty contest with Aphrodite and Athena.

Hera is also very stubborn and often rebels against her own husband, Zeus. She refuses to submit herself to him and she often schemed against him. She even attempted to overthrow Zeus once. Hera used all the magic that she had to destroy her victims and she would never admit defeat to anyone. She often schemes with many gods and goddesses in order to achieve her goal.

She is also self-centered. Zeus once threatened to destroy Sparta, Mycanae and Argos in which 3 of these cities are Hera's favourite city. Hera directly surrendered 3 of her favourites cities to Zeus as if she doesn't even care what's going to happen with her devoted followers or worshippers, she only cares about herself and her goals.

Despite all of her negative traits, Hera took her role as the Queen of Heaven, goddess of woman, marriage, family and childbirth very seriously and she is always there to help & protect pregnant woman in their labours. She also often punishes husbands who abuse their wives. She also can be caring, sweet and compassionate, with a motherly side, when she is not angry, and is a loyal wife to Zeus.  


In Greek Mythology, Hera has a big, captivating and beautiful eyes and soft white skin. She was depicted being very beautiful, tall, modest and elegant. Some ancient sources says, that Hera is almost as beautiful as Aphrodite herself. Hera likes wearing veils and often wore an elegant clothes. She also likes to wear her golden crown decorated with precious gemstone. She wears an expensive jewelries from head to toe.

Hera has a huge pride on her beauty.


Hera's mother is Rhea and her father is Cronus. Her siblings are Zeus, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon and Hestia.

Roman Name

Hera's official Roman name is Juno.

Friends & Enemies

Hera is friends with Iris, her personal messenger. She has a soft spot for her and rarely got angry at her. She also has many other friends such as her daughter Hebe and Eileithyia, her elder sister Demeter and Hestia, her elder brother Poseidon (sometimes he is her ally and sometimes he is her enemy), her stepdaughter Athena and Persephone and lastly her son Ares and her stepson Hermes.

Hera's enemy is her own father Cronus and the male Titans. Her enemies also include her stepchildrens Artemis, Apollo, Dionysus and Heracles (former enemy). Hera is enemy with her cousin Leto. Hera also has many other enemy such as her daughter-in-law, Aphrodite, her grandson Eros, Anteros and Himeros, her step-grandson Aeneas, Zeus' cupbearer Ganymede, Europa, Semele, Alcmene, Leto, all of Zeus' lovers and lastly she hates all the Trojan people.


Hera's gallery can be viewed here.


Hera married her youngest brother, Zeus. Hera and Zeus has a messy and rocky marriage. Zeus continously disrespected her by cheating on her with a mortal or a goddess. Hera on the other hand, cannot punish Zeus as it was forbidden for the Gods to confront each other directly. It is also because Zeus is the King of the Gods and Hera has no power to punish her husband. Another reason is that, because Hera has sworn to never harm Zeus again after she attempted to destroy her husband and take the throne from him.

So the only way for Hera to confront him is by taking out all her wrath to his lovers and the child that his lovers bore.


Hera is indicated as being mean and intimidating. Hera also has very short-temper and back when she was young, she wasnt able to handle her temper. So, Rhea, Hera's mother sent her to Oceanus and Tethys. The couples work as a therapist to Hera and few years later she finally return to Olympus. Some version said that she was kind, gentle and maybe even friendly and loveable when she returned to Olympus. Zeus blackmailed her and she was embarassed and she doesn't want to be shunned by the other Gods, so she doesn' have any choice but marry Zeus to cover her shame. Since then, Hera become the goddess we now know.

Powers & Abilities

As the Queen of the Gods and an Elder Olympian Deity, Hera is very powerful. Her rage invokes fear in both men and gods. She is more powerful than her elder sister Demeter and Hestia. Even the Mighty Zeus fears her wrath and would try his best to avoid her bad side.

  • Immortality- Hera being a goddess was of-course an immortal being. She has been around for few centuries.
  • Supernatural Beauty- Hera was once the most beautiful of all the goddesses before the birth of Aphrodite. Many of the gods fell in love with her but only Zeus managed to become her husband.
  • Biokinesis- Hera was believed to have power over woman's menstrual cycle. Woman who suffers a great pain during their period was said to be punished by Hera for doing something unladylike or offensive.
  • Divine Authority- Just like her husband/brother, Zeus, Hera can command any animal, monsters, creatures, human or gods to do her bidding.
  • Telekinesis- Hera has the ability to move any object with her own mind.
  • Pathokinesis- The ability to control/manipulate mind. Hera often struck Dionysus with madness when he was still a demigod.
  • Shapeshift- Hera can change her appearence into whatever she desires. She often spies on her follower of whom she suspected disloyalty.
  • Curse/Blessings- Hera once curse Echo that she could only repeat back what people said as a punishment of helping Zeus getting away from her. She also can bless those she deems worthy.
  • Superhuman Senses- Hera's senses are omniscient. She can sense something very far away. Even Zeus has to be careful from being noticed by Hera.
  • Superhuman Stamina- Hera can stay up all day long without any sleep nor rest. Although she consumes ambrosia and nectar to maintain herself.
  • Superhuman Strength- As a goddess, Hera is stronger than any human could ever be. She killed the Giant Pheotus during the Gigantomachy with her own bare hands and one-shotted Artemis during the Trojan War by boxing her ear.
  • Aerokinesis- The ability to control/manipulate wind. Hera overpowered Artemis during the Indian War of Dionysus (by Nonnus, an ancient Greek-Egyptian poet) by using wind.
  • Atmokinesis- The ability to control/manipulate weather. Hera once plagued Heracles with a deadly thunderstorm that would have killed him if Zeus haven't woken up and stop her at last minute.
  • Marriage Manipulation- As the goddess of marriage, Hera can curse or bless any marriages she wishes. Hera can bring familial happiness, fortunes and bless a family with a healthy and strong babies. But she can also bring familial discord, misfortunes grant a family of whom she cursed an ugly, deformed and disabled childrens.
  • Monster Conjuration- Hera turned Lamia into a monster who feed on childrens as a punishment for having an affair with her husband.
  • Terrakinesis- When angered, Hera is known to cause a massive destructive earthquake.


Hera's surname is Argeia, meaning ruler and protector. Her other surname is Antheia, also known as the goddess of mortal love and flowery wreaths. 


  • Some ancient sources claim that Hera is not just Zeus' sister and wife but also his twin.
  • Hera is extremely a jealous wife. She can get easily jealous even when a woman had a slightest contact with her husband.
  • Hera is the anagram of her mother's name, Rhea.
  • Hera is a hardworking goddess. She expect a great result and would never tolerate a horrible one.
  • She often held grudges against her step-childrens.
  • Athena, Hermes, Helen of Troy, Persephone, Jason and Perseus is the only bastard of Zeus that never feel Hera's wrath
  • Hera is very intimidating and strict.
  • Aphrodite almost has the same temper like Hera's.


  • "You have done your work. Now go back to the underworld. What happen next is my concern."
  • "How dare you shameless bitch to come up and face me. Better for you to hunt down the ravening beast rather than to match your strength against mine. But if u would want to know what fighting is, then, come on, You will see how strong I am when you try to match your strength against mine!"
  • "Are you still angry at me? If I ask you for a favour would you refuse it? Are you forever mad at me for defending the Danaans, while you help the Trojans?"

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