Isis is the Egyptian goddess of love, and she and Aphrodite have been having a competition to see who was better at dealing with love. It started with a mortal called Pygmalion who was a sculpture that built a beautiful sculpture called Galatea, also known as Galatea II. They were both trying to find a spell how to turn Galatea II to life. Eventually, Aphrodite found the perfect spell, and Pygmalion declared her the best love goddess. Isis was very upset, so Aphrodite decided that they still remained the best goddesses of love.

Isis is worshipped throughout Greece, like any other Greek goddess.


Isis is often competitive, especially with Aphrodite. She is the leader of her 'friendship' groups and loves cats like any other Egyptian does.


Isis is very selfish with others and isn't open about her emotions, and causes a dramatic scene for her peers and the finally get what she means in the end, but she never admits to it so they would never know at first.


Isis, in the Egyptian mythology, is seen to have a large headpiece on her head, and she is seen wearing wings, although she has a different tattoo than Iris' Egyptian one.