Leto Goddess

Leto is the mother of Artemis and Apollo, and she had very trouble of giving birth due to Hera's demandings. She had to go from one land to another to find the perfect land where Hera wasn't spying from MountOlympus. She was one of the major goddess of Mount Olympus, being Artemis' and Apollo's mother. She married Zeus, and Zeus gave Artemis whatever she wanted when she was young, including her own bow and arrow, but Artemis is not his favorite daughter, Athena is. Leto is the daughter of Titans Coeus and Phoebe.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Leto had the ability (like Artemis) to raise the moon and hunt in the dark. But Leto is the goddess of Motherhood, having quite a terrifying motherhood herself.


Leto is always motherly and gentle, but will not tolerate being disrespected she is rather determined, just like Artemis.

Greek nameEdit

Leto's official Greek name is Λητω.