Vital statistics
Position The snake monster, monstrosity of Mount Olympus, bad. (reformed) (deceased), then neutral.
Age Middle-aged (deceased)
Status Mortal (deceased)
Physical attributes
Height Medium
Weight 120~140
Allies Pandora
Stheno & Euryale
Personality Personality
Goddess of Mean (as described by her.)
Status Mortal (deceased)
Popularity Popular

Medusa was a mortal, but later on got to be immortal for one day. She was a snake-monster that possessed magical powers to turn any mortal (including herself if she looked in a mirror) to stone if they looked at her. She also has snake hair with live snakes that hiss or bite. Athena accidentally cursed her into turning into a snake and also invented the stone-glasses, which are glasses that Medusa can use when she looks at mortals. If Medusa looks at herself in the mirror, she still can turn into stone herself.  

Overall, Medusa is an extremely iconic character and various artworks, jug paintings, and tales are all about her. She was mostly known by her hair, appearance, powers and her fate, by being beheaded by Perseus.  


Medusa is a very cold, jealous, and evil gorgon mortal who is very demanding when she desires something. She got slayed by a hero known as Perseus, Athena also got the idea of scaring the Titans by placing her face on a shield, to threaten them of her stare. Edit


Medusa has two immortal snake sisters, they were twins called Stheno & Euryale. She also had an inconsiderate mother and father called Phorcys and Ceto, who only cared about their two immortal daughters. and a pet dog.


  • Medusa was slayed by a Greek hero named Perseus.
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