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 Mount Olympus Is A Place Where Gods Live And The Opposite of Tartarus because it is a Place for good And It Is A Paradise And it is Fully  Furnished

Major and Known Residents

  • Antheia - Antheia is the slightly arrogant goddess of flowery wreaths. She resides Mount Olympus as a minor resident as she never did anything special there.
  • Aphrodite - As one of Olympus' iconic inhabitants, Aphrodite is its most beautiful inhabitant.
  • Artemis - Another good example that goddesses are great fighters, Artemis stands for the women and supports them greatly. She is its bravest and boldest inhabitant.
  • Athena - Athena is Mount Olympus' strongest and smartest inhabitant. Athena supports Mount Olympus greatly and fights for it. She is an extremely loyal goddess to her home and is the most famous goddess there.
  • Hera - Hera is one of the founding Olympians and is Mount Olympus' major enhabitant and is one of the oldest and most charming. She is the wife of Zeus.
  • Hestia - Hestia is known as Mount Olympus' most calm, quiet and mysterious inhabitant. She is also one of its most dangerous residents as well.
  • Iris - Iris is Mount Olympus' most kindhearted and optimistic inhabitant. She helps the residents there with delivering special messages using her phasing light powers to travel as quick as the speed of light.
  • Medusa - Medusa was formerly Mount Olympus' resident, because she was slayed by Perseus.
  • Pandora - As the first woman ever to be formed out of clay, Pandora is infamous for her annoying and rhetorical, yet extremely easy closed questions.
  • Persephone - Having to have moved to the Underworld due to her marriage with Hades, Demeter mourned for her loss until this day but Persephone is still a minor resident in Mount Olympus and is widely remembered throughout Mount Olympus.
  • Pheme - Pheme can tend to get along with the goddesses, however she can get quite annoying around and most people dislike her around Mount Olympus. She, like Pandora, is infamous.


Mount Olympus was built by the first ever gods and goddesses, most likely Aphrodite, Hera, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Hades, Zeus, Hestia, Ares, Apollo, Poseidon, and Demeter; also known as the Founding 12. Pandora is also one of the first ever mortals to ever see Mount Olympus. It also holds other major Olympians residents there such as Iris and more.