Le Naiads
are the water-elemental Olympians, immortals, mortals, or Titans. They specialise in fountains, and are related to the Graces, Muses, etc. They are always welcome to help anyone, a mortal, especially.


Goddesses are able to take the role as a naiad, although they classify as a lower species of a goddess. Although they are able to accept this, they would often think that it would be extra work. Major goddesses and gods often boast that naiads are dirty compared to them, therefore nearly none of them bother to take part. 


Nymphs and naiads are completely different. Though the nymphs can always switch to the role naiad. They can also make friends, since they both are at the same league.

  • Some rule the oceans, others lakes and small watery areas. They are also known as the Oceanids. 
  • They are related to Nymphs, but instead are very agile and quick when swimming in water.
  • Some of the naiads have scales and gills in order to breathe underwater like mermaids.
  • They can also create water, and control it from a far distance.
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