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Olympians are the Greek people who are mortal, immortal, minor or major gods and goddesses who reside in Mount Olympus. They are fighting a war with the Titans. Titans are just like Olympians, although they are evil and try to find ways to win the war and conquer all Greece. Therefore, Zeus banished them to a horrible place called Tartarus.


Here are some goddesses in example.

Athena: Goddess of war and wisdom. She is the smartest goddess in Mount Olympus and she knows the greatest battle war strategies. She is included in the war so that the Olympians have an advantage of winning.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite is the goddess of love, and she is not included in the war, but she has her own sort of charm that all the Olympians love and fall for her.

Artemis: She is the bravest goddess in Mount Olympus, and is brave, well-skilled and has quick wits.

Demeter: Persephone's mother and watcher, she is the goddess of flowers, crops and vegetations.

Hera: The ruler goddess of Olympus, she is very stern and enjoys a good punishment for anyone who deserves it, but she has a soft spot for her personal hand-maiden and messenger, Iris.

Persephone: Persephone has been warned by her mother that she must not talk to strangers such as Hades, but fell in love with him anyways.

Iris: Iris is the goddess of rainbows. She can shape-shift and disguise herself into any Olympian or Titan form, as long as she knows how they look like. Iris also made her messenger duties more efficient, as she made Rainbow Slides, travelling faster than the speed of light. 


Zeus: The boss and ruler of the Olympians, siding with his love, Hera. He used to have married a fly Titaness goddess named Metis, but they had an argument so he went finding another love. He is the great enemy of Cronus and Uranus, the leaders of the Titans.

Heracles: He is a demi-god, and he had a secret affair with Athena, breaking her Maiden rules.

Hermes: The male version of Iris, and one of the founding 12, he is the messenger with some of the greatest chariots, and can deliver anything.

Apollo: The honest brother of Artemis and the god of the sun.

Poseidon: The god of the sea and the lover of Amphitrite, he owns a trident-staff and can breathe underwater.

Hades: The great king of the Underworld and the husband of Persephone, he takes great care and made her the queen of the Underworld.

Ares: Ares is the god of war and had a relationship with Aphrodite.