Pandora Goddess
Vital statistics
Position First clay-formed woman, good
Age Middle-aged
Status Mortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Height Medium
Weight 120~140
Allies Medusa
Personality Personality
Goddess of Curiosity (as described by her.)
Status Mortal (alive)
Popularity Popular

Pandora is one of the first ever Olympians to be formed out of clay, and the first female to be formed out of clay, though she is a mortal. Though she was the one and only mortal who opened Zeus' 'box of troubles'. That box that she used was used to win wars and get Titans distracted by the box's destructive and magical powers. It took a long time to fix the problem, but thanks to the help of the goddesses and gods, they finally stopped the box of troubles and havoc was stopped from Mount Olympus.

After all that problems and troubles, she managed to get the box back, and most of the other myths say that Pandora claims the box as her own now, never releasing the spirits ever again, as she learned her lesson. 


Pandora's gallery can be found here.


Pandora speaks in question marks all the time, and isn't satisfied with just an answer. She has the longest history story of any of the Olympians.


Pandora's personality is sweet and bubbly. She never stops asking questions, but is very complex in character and mysterious. She is also very grateful that she is one of the few mortals that were chosen to stay here. The others being Medusa and more.  

Bubbles she releasedEdit

Pandora was known to unleash the most horrible types of things from Zeus' box of Troubles, and one of the bubbles, the bubble of lies, turned into a goddess called Apate. There were also bubbles of love, anger, ditziness, etc.


Pandora's box and her history have been mentioned in many different tales from Chinese culture to Box myths. 


  • "Can I ever stop asking questions? Don't think so, right?"
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