Vital statistics
Position Gossip machine, neutral
Age Any age
Status Immortal (alive)
Physical attributes
Height Any height
Weight Any weight
Allies Allies here
Personality Personality
Goddess of Rumor, fame, gossip.
Status Immortal (alive)
Popularity Quite unpopular throughout Mount Olympus, medium popularity in the mythology.

Pheme is the goddess of gossip. She hears everything from any God/Goddess about any rumor or and new gossip she can get her hands on. But as a minor, she only had one boring job which was to spread rumor around the world. But one day, something big happened.

She met a certain mortal (Phaeton), the son of the Greek God of the sun, Helios. Phaeton had to fetch Helios' sun carriage, as it was on fire. Hermes already brought it back, but it would destroy Mount Olympus with its fire.

Coincidentally, Athena put a curse on Pheme that exact day because she was spreading out-of-hand rumors that weren't necessarily true. So Pheme had to fix the problem. After that was fixed, Zeus rewarded Pheme wings due to her saving Mount Olympus


Pheme has a tendency to be talkative, and if anything, nosy. Though she means well and is only playing her part, Pheme adores being under the spotlight and is quite well-rounded and talented when it comes to spreading big news (regardless if it's good or helpful). She’s cute💖💋

Greek nameEdit

Pheme's official Greek name is Φημη.

Table of persona
Talent 56
Beauty concern 80
Personality 13
Strengths 90


Pheme's gallery can be viewed here.

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