The Harpies are vicious bird-like immortal creatures that are related to Hydaspes, Iris and her twin sister, Arke. A harpy is also Zephyrus' mother. Iris' sisters the harpies are Aello, Celeano and Ocypete. Iris has no brothers. They are the sisters of the Aellopus family. That family belongs to the first parents, Electra and Thaumus. The Aellopus family is a family of six. They have three siblings.

Goddess GirlsEdit

The Harpies are the sisters of Iris and they own a restaurant in the Immortal Marketplace called Hungry, Hungry Harpy Café.They are nicknamed "the pickers", as seen "borrowing" things for a long period of time from other people. The three hold up an odd restaurant establishment, as they're often seen charging the customers extra. Still, they're eager for part-time waitresses, bearing Iris in mind.

Personalities Edit

The Harpies are immature and dexterous creatures. They enjoy mocking their little sister who doesn't act at all little and blame her for most of hte things, however each one of them enjoy picking a few quarrels around their restaurant.

Appearance Edit

As described, each of the Harpies resemble appearance-wise to Iris with pretty and regular facial features, however they have the body of a large bird.


These Harpies usually have the same personalities, which would be to roar viciously at outsiders which are not part of their family.


Celeano was seen with Zephyrus, her "lover". Fortunately for Iris, his true lover, didn't know about this relationship. Celeano and Zephyrus made a terrible couple, as she gave birth to a horse, with Iris and Zephyrus giving birth to gods. She is also usually not included in some of the myths. 

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