Greek-Goddesses Wiki

Here are brief descriptions of these goddesses, from left to right on the top first, then vice-versa on the bottom;


Aphrodite tends to be self-absorbed and vain, but she but at times very loving. Also she is a very beautiful goddess and knows it,so she sometimes takes advantage of it.


Amphitrite is very calm, kind, and pretty,but can be competitive.She is the goddess and queen of the sea.She is titled queen of the sea because she married Poseidon.

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Hestia is the goddess of fire, the hearth, home, and cooking. She is very kindhearted.She is a virgin goddess,meaning that she promised never to marry.


Artemis is the goddess of the moon, so she is often viewed as the goddess of the night.She is also the goddess of hunting. She has a very quick and independent personality. And is of course, brave!


Hebe is the goddess of youth and is the cup-bearer of the gods.That is why she is usually seen with a jug.Also, she is married to Hercules. 


Athena is the smartest goddess around and is the most popular goddess.She is very famous,thus having a city named after her and her inventions, such as the olive tree. She is very organised and studies for the best strategies to defeat the Titans.

This second picture has the general outlook of minors...

From top to bottom, other goddesses...

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Iris is the beautiful and colorful goddess of the rainbows.She is the faithful messenger of the goddess Hera or any of the other girl olympians. 


Goddess of day and daylight.She is the most cheery and happiest goddess in Mount Olympus.You'll never see her with a frown!


Goddess of harmony. She is very peaceful and kind and hates it when people fight. Her father (Ares) disproves of this. She is beautiful because her mother is Aphrodite 


Goddess of the soul.She is kind, thoughtful, compassionate and somewhat shy.She is with Eros. She has two mean sisters.


Goddess of victory.She is very competitive and ALWAYS wants to win(And usually succeeds!).Her siblings are Bia(force,power),Zelos(rivalry),and Kratos(strength).


Goddess of discord and strife.Obvious troublemaker.