It was a beautiful morning at Mount Olympus. Zeus has assembled all the Olympians together for a council meeting. Aphrodite wanted to look her best so she woke up early and headed to the Marketplace to check on the latest sales. Suddenly, Aphrodite bashed into someone, it was Ares. Ares... Thought Aphrodite excitedly, as she still had affairs for him.

"Hi." Said Aphrodite and Ares at the same time. As Aphrodite knew that feeling was mutual. They talked for a while, but Aphrodite remembered that she had to go the the Marketplace to buy a new chiton. But Ares was also going there, he wanted to look his best as well. What for? Thought Aphrodite. She hoped it wasn't the same reason why she's looking her best as well. 

After they bought their knew clothes, they walked to the hall together. But as they got there, they had to be separated in seats. Suddenly, Hephaestus arrived. He shot a glare at Ares to stay away from his wife, Aphrodite. For he was a puny god who needed attention. But he was still jealous, with Ares' kind of charm, Aphrodite might reconsider their marriage, so he had to think of a trap to catch Aphrodite two-timing and for Zeus to catch her red-handed! 

Meanwhile, Aphrodite and Ares decided to find Demeter, to get some new floral items for the hall. Then Aphrodite and Ares stopped talking for a while, but Ares ended the awkward silence by plucking a rose off a bush that looked just as pink as Aphrodite, and tucked it behind her ear. Aphrodite was very pleased, then they walked back to the hall, holding hands. 

They also had to do backstage work, to fix the curtains to get ready for Zeus' announcement. Suddenly, Hephaestus sprung a net under Aphrodite and Ares. 


Zeus looked very confused, with Aphrodite and Ares in the net. 

Then, Aphrodite announced. "I don't care Hephaestus, I'm with the man I truly love, Ares. Giving a wink to Ares as the audience clapped. As Iris was sobbing, she was so touched by the precious moment, hugging Zephyrus. 

"I can't take it anymore!" Ares shouted. He got a dagger and cut the net, and he caught Aphrodite in his arms as they fell to the ground. 

Then, he and Aphrodite slowly kissed, and everyone was happy, except for Hephaestus. 


Credits go to Jacqueline N. Aka Phoenixpsylocke.