Tyche is the goddess of luck and fortune. She has actual powers that can predict fortunes for others, and is the daughter of Aphrodite. She also carries a horn, that is full of coins, money and gold. She also blows on it if she senses someone, or something is going to be lucky, or unlucky. 


Tyche is a very nice young lady, who can sometimes be greedy. She likes giving mortals fortune and luck. 

Greek nameEdit

Tyche's official Greek name is Τυχη.


The constellation Virgo is sometimes identified as Tyche, as well as other goddesses like Demeter and Astraea.


Tyche is the goddess of luck and fortune.

Roman nameEdit

Her Roman name is Fortuna, also known as fortune. 


Tyche's gallery can be found here.



Mother-Tyche is one of the many children of Aphrodite. She is not related to love, but can use her special skills for others to find love.


  • Tyche is acutely MAGNETO

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