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Hi guys! This is Mojojojo13579, aka Iris, and this is Greek-Goddesses Wiki! I'm quite a genuine Founder, I'll be nice no matter what the situation :). If you need a helping hand, I'm always here to help! Please drop a message on my wall if you need me! Here's some basic things you should know: I think Camellia Pink and Thundercloud Gray is THE BEST color combination ever! My second fave color combination is maybe turquoise with bright pink! 

Please add/edit anything you want, I won't mind, as long as you follow the rules and make sure it makes sense! 

Okay, and even more about me. I'm a crazy fandom writer. Yep - I am...

More about me!Edit

I am a Greek-Geek, and I don't boast about in in situations like this! (Lol, jkjk.) I love Greek! I also have a reputation in my life as the "generous fashionista", and I do have an addiction for shopping, and winning fashion shows! Such as my mouse outfit in the pixie hollow fashion spotlight! :D

Fave goddess?Edit

Easy. Iris. I love Iris, if you guys research hard enough, you'll realise she is kind of major, and is pretty, optimistic and generous at all the same time. Those are my 3 fave aspects in a person. She is the goddess of rainbows (I love that!), sea, sky and etc. She also married the hottest God, I think, is Zephyrus.

I also really don't care if Iris is major or not. She has a role, and she is kind. She's good enough to be a Wiki's mascot anyways. Iris shows me that the bigger things in life isn't always the best. Did you guys even SEE Hera? Even though they're friends and Hera's kinder to her than anyone else, you get the idea. I mean, seriously! There aren't even many Olympians in Olympus, and cutting out the most major Olympian gods, Iris would be right on top, next would be Tyche. 

(We have a Demeter and Persephone statue in my neighborhood. I just noticed after living to my new one for about two years!) I wish we could see more Greek status. ^_^ 

My favorite pagesEdit

Where else can you find me?Edit

Well.. I can be found in Community Central Wiki, My Little Pony Wiki, Monster High Wiki and ranked a hard core #3 in Ever After High Wiki! 

How to make this Wiki a success?Edit

I know there aren't many users in this Wiki yet, but together we can create a massive Wiki TOGETHER! :D 

Why don't I read Percy Jackson?Edit

Well, I don't read it because that is the easy way of finding out Greek mythology, and of course, it is just fiction so perhaps none of that Greek stuff there is true, besides the goddess' and gods' names, and their abilities. Plus, I like finding out the hard way, and through research. All the Greek gods and goddesses would be gone once the PJ series ends... I also don't like it when Iris plays as a bad role there, often getting discriminated by the most major gods there are. She is also getting discriminated by my friends who read PJ, so I guess I'll just keep quiet and say that Iris still rules Mount Olympus, as a minister and all. ;P 

If Zeus saw my dedication and worship O_O  to my beautiful goddess idol Iris, I'm sure he'd let me to go Mount Olympus :D XD XDDDDD. Lolz..

My personalityEdit

I am known as the generous, optimistic, glam, genuine and above all, adventurous. I feel just like a second Iris. I am a very lively person so I love seeing the unknown areas in Greek! Appropriate or not! (Just kidding, I won't post inappropriate things about Greek on this Wiki!) ;P

  • Marina's fashion spotlight pixie hollow Marina (me on the left! :P)
  • Perfect b-day prez!
  • The cutest animal in the world appearing in EAH eps! :)
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