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Thank you!Edit

It's totally alright, I'm already lucky that I have an admin like you around! :D. I changed the background, if it's alright. Also, next month, we're sprucing the Wikia up to look like Aphrodite's territory. In the poll, there are specific colors there for each goddess, so we could change the Wikia's look monthly, to make it look and feel more lively. ♥☁Iris, aka Mojo, is here to save the day! :D (talk) 22:59, January 12, 2014 (UTC)

Hey... it's been a while!Edit

Dear Bimbola, 

It's been some time, was wondering if you'd like to check out the new monthly theme for Aphrodite on this Wiki, but please take a peek at this page! :)

♥☁Iris, aka Mojo, is here to save the day! :D (talk) 10:45, January 30, 2014 (UTC)

Thank youEdit

Thank you for that image, that will be added to the slideshow of the main page. Just decided to plan ahead for February. 

Note: The background should not be changed because some recent problems. 1: the Iris image is actually limited, because it has disappeared around the summer last year on the internet, and in my opinion it's a really nice image, lucky that I managed to save it on my phone. The only thing that I could ever find was her background, but that picture was edited.

2: There have been some recent glitches to changing backgrounds, so we'd better stay alert... 

3: I say the theme should be all Aphrodite (red and pink), fancy handwriting, etc. 

Thank you for your time, Bimbola! :)

♥☁Iris, aka Mojo, is here to save the day! :D (talk) 23:47, January 30, 2014 (UTC)

Media: Wiki stuffEdit

Dear BImbola,

I've noticed on the old Wikis around the network have this thing called :Media WIki featured.... It's really cool and it helps make the wiki have more shine. Users can also customize their own pages, like coding, colors, fonts, etc. It also has a special effect on talk pages, and we wouldn't need a custom signature anymore, because the coding there already does the job for us. Since I'm not such a whiz for techs and places around sites and such, I have no idea where the Media Wiki stuff is.. O_o.

Do you know where it is? 

♥☁Iris, aka Mojo, is here to save the day! :D (talk) 04:03, February 6, 2014 (UTC)


Dear Bimbola,

Fixed up the Wiki AGAIN, and this time, it's filled with templates. There's one teensy thing about the particular template "subpage" or "subpageset", and I'm having so much trouble setting up the pages with it. I'll ask Community Central Wiki again some time soon. Though if you know how to fix it, please try! 

♥☁Iris, aka Mojo, is here to save the day! :D (talk) 08:42, March 7, 2014 (UTC)

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